♠ How To Pick a Barrel Lock Fast Using Stuff You Have At Home

How To Pick a Barrel Lock Utility Meter Lock picking
1- Find a tool ie. a nail, screw (with a pointed tip) you want it to be able to touch the bottom of the lock, but don’t use something that’s way loose.
2- place a “sleeve” into the lock. It must be just able to pass into the opening of the lock
3- now when you place the “key” (nail screw or what ever) you want it to go into the sleeve, wrapping around the “key” as it does so it becomes smashed against the inner walls of the lock, so it now is gripping the sides of the inner walls of the lock allowing you to pull up and thus allowing the bearings to fall into the cylinder. I hope this makes sense and helps. please click me a thumbs up Thanks in advance

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Post time: Dec-12-2016