Orion the Hunter and the Biblical Sampson are the similar Character …with the similar Target at these finish occasions.
As we seem at the Connections there is not a single missing piece. The trouble is I just can not fit it all with each other in a single online video.
Most of the aid for all this
Dan/ Sampson connection to Orion’s depiction of his beings hunter/Judge in the Endtimes is in the ARRIVAL OF THE LOCUST Sequence …check there for the more specifics.
All fables, tales ,conspiracy theories, Myths,and even the Bible alert us of this Coming phony Judge ..This Good Nation who are fathers understood not.
Make no error …These So referred to as Aliens flying all-around as of late …ARE THEM ..it is Going to transpire soon …extremely soon.
They are just waiting around for the Gate to be opened ….AKA the 2nd Cup.
Be ready …for what you will see.
No exactly where you stand…or hazard standing with individuals who you do not know…in the finish Better to be With our earth Family members than some so referred to as Alien stranger .
Find the really like for your brother prior to they flip us on a single a different.
It now is Taking place.
Enjoy your brothers is the hardest detail to have now in the experience of so considerably anger hate and jealousy many persons replicate.
Aghh…ruff waters ahead.
You feel you got spirit power?
Perfectly you bout to have to last but not least confirm it.
Not by phrases…But by steps.
You will be tested by THEM …they will shake your basis of fact to its core. .If you are weak and Lacking genuine Religion…they will enter in at the weak spot.
Be not missing.
Remain the path …it will guide you out.

Post time: Nov-08-2016