A Pickup Truck Get Struck By Lightning

A couple in Canada is sharing a terrifying story after their vehicle was struck by lightning during what should have been a relaxing ride.

Lightning strikes can come at any moment and there’s no way to tell how fierce they may be.

Last weekend, Al and Betty Perry were traveling down a scenic rural highway near Tofield when their vehicle was hit by lightning. In an interview with CTV, Al noted that it ‘sounded like a sonic boom’.

That description fits the pattern, as when lightning heats the air, it causes shock waves, aka thunder which we all know can be horrifyingly loud.

For the Perrys, the sound wasn’t the only scary aspect as a fireball engulfed the couple’s pick-up truck.

The extreme heat ruined the truck’s metal and Al believes the electrical systems are destroyed as he and his wife couldn’t get out. Fortunately for the trapped pair, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer had been driving on the route and stopped to help.

Both were taken to a doctor and later deemed to be fine.

In another recent lightning encounter, Anna Smith’s vehicle stalled out during a nasty downpour in Minnesota. A short time after her car died, it was struck by lightning and she was trapped inside the burning vehicle. Luckily a police officer and Good Samaritan rushed to the scene and successfully saved her life.

Post time: Jan-16-2017