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Acid Wash Follow-Up: 24 Hrs Later:
-This is kind of a part 2 but really just what should be done right after the pool refills.

If after watching this video you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, I recommend hiring a pool company to do it for you (avg cost $400-$600). It is a bit of an exact science and you can do it do a lot wrong if you are not careful. I tried to make a very detailed video showing more or less an exact method.

Here are some more tips:
Wash of your boots every time you enter or exit the pool as not to leave acid footprints on the deck.

Start with a 3 to 1 water to Acid mix to avoid etching or burning the plaster.

Don’t do it alone. A water guy hosing off the acid is crucial to avoid streaks.

Wear a mask and get a good one. The Gas Mask I was wearing was perfect, didn’t smell a thing and it cost $25.00 at the Army Surplus Store.

Do a light wash 2 or 3 times verse a heavy one time wash.

Consult an expert 1st if possible and get detailed advice (like the guy at your Mom & Pop pool store or the neighborhood pool man). This is actually my neighbors pool and he asked me to do the Acid Wash for him, I gave him a discount too.

You can remove the light fixture if you are going to do a heavy acid wash and set it on the deck. The guy that trained me originally always did this but I have since done acid washes were we put Soda Ash on the fixture. It is up to you.

Make sure that when you drain the pool you are doing it legally. Some cities are very strict and will actually fine you a substantial amount if they catch you draining it into the gutter out front. Most want you to drain it directly into a P-trap into the main line.

The acid wash won’t be perfect so don’t over due it. You are shooting for 85%-90% better. In most cases just 70% better is a huge improvement.

You must do a chlorine wash and remove large debris and dirt first, other wise the acid wash will not work well. The chlorine wash is the only way to kill algae and algae spores in the plaster. This Pebble Tec pool had a major Algae infestation.

You can do a Chlorine Wash again after to kill any remaining Algae and to brighten the plaster up.

You cannot Acid Wash a Fiberglass pool or a Vinyl pool.

The process is about the same for a Plaster Pool and a Pebble Tec pool. Pebble Tec may need a slightly stronger acid mix.

Don’t rush it. Safety first.

With that said, there are many things you can do to prevent having to drain your pool. Hiring a pool service is your best bet. If that is not in your budget, then weekly checking the chemicals and balancing them is a must. I do mean weekly. Clean the filter at least twice a year and remove debris and dirt from your pool at least once a week. Never let your chlorine level drop to zero. Have some liquid chlorine and shock on hand at all times to raise the chlorine level up right away if it does zero out. Algae can bloom within a day if your pool is zeroed out. Proper Conditioner level is a must to help protect the chlorine from the sun.

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