Aluminum Foil Faraday Cage Test
I come to feel we coated the theory of EMP in the previous post, so now I want to website link to some video clips of the faraday cage experiments I have finished seeking to uncover the ideal program for security of my personalized machines.
Like I reported in the earlier post, you hear a great deal of net commando tips on faraday cages, but you rarely see any one basically take a look at the cages they talk about. I did not establish a EMP generator for clear factors, so I had to uncover a realistic substitute. For the assessments I applied a mobile telephone and a FMRS/GMRS take care of talkie. Cellphones work in the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz ranges at about .seventy five to 1 watt, a FRS/GMRS is around the 463 Mhz array at about five watts. Neither of these are within the take a look at ranges of the 1962 HEMP assessments of 1 KHz to a hundred MHz but they are within the array of later assessments that exhibit EMP ranges from 200 MHz — 5GHz and may be as superior as 30-billion watts (dependent on type, and length from supply). I am not seeking to protect my cellphone, in a publish EMP location, a mobile telephone would be worthless (except you have steel wool). I figure if my cage simply cannot protect versus mobile telephone transmission, then it is worthless versus the a lot larger EMP.
Make sure you perspective the video clips underneath to see some of the cage models I analyzed. Individually I will not rely on any of them, and just maintain a number of redundant merchandise in them to make lifetime simpler. I come to feel that in the party of a gentleman built EMP attack, the number of points I can keep would not harmony with use verses expense, so I commit my methods on merchandise to operate around electrical dependence.
Apart from the FEMA steerage I outlined in the earlier post, you may want to go to this document:
Numerous Individuals have outlined using aluminum foil as a Faraday cage so I tried it. The aluminum foil did a lot better than I envisioned. I believe that is since it was so simple to thoroughly encapsulate the radios and that it finished up being additional than 1 layer soon after I wrapped it around the radios. Nevertheless, as a caveat, I would not depend on aluminum foil as my only Faraday cage since it is very fragile. If it were me, I would wrap my gear in aluminum separately, insulate them, and then place them in a larger Faraday cage.

Post time: Dec-07-2016