Cultural Stories of Volunteering: The Domino Impact – Elana Siu

Elana Siu tells her story of volunteering with her artwork and creativeness to brighten the life of young children living without toys, without family members, at the Sunlight Village Orphanage.


6 emerging leaders concerned in cultural and local community function participated in a a few day workshop in March 2011. Through finding out the software of digital storytelling, they created individual personal tales all around the theme of volunteering.

This project was led by Volunteering Queensland and was undertaken as component of the Masters system at QUT Innovative Industries, with equipment courtesy of Point out Library of Queensland.

Undertaking style and design and facilitation – Sumit Panjwani

The Domino Impact by: Elana Siu
Further credits: Remember to see in depth credits at the stop of this digital story


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Post time: Dec-23-2016