Earth Eclipse Professional Paintball Marker / Gun

The Lv1 just bought greater.
The Professional can take the now tried using, tested and trustworthy system a stage further by way of subtle exterior modifications and performance improving inner changes.
The new unibody foregrip enhances shooting comfort and ease and marker steadiness with it is really contoured 1-piece construction.
Internally, the enlarged Lpr chamber will allow for lessen tension, additional steady velocities, and a smoother shot profile creating the even softer on paint.
The addition of the Shaft barrel tip, produced with some of the major gamers in the planet, provides features to its to offer best in all conditions.
As a result, the feels and shoots like nothing else on the market.
Then allow us remind you about how the changed the Ego endlessly.
the introduces a groundbreaking structure that rewrites what can be realized with this kind of system.
The incorporates a profiled lever involving the rammer and the exhaust valve that is employed to different the motion of the and bolt from the of the valve.
This extra aspect in the mechanism has various important rewards over the common knock-open specifically in regard to the drive expected to the and the at which the is opened.this indirect procedure of the suggests it be gradually, with considerably less drive, nevertheless keep fantastic seal integrity.
The when shooting? Scaled-down forces generated by the reciprocating components (bolt and rammer) and a of the air launched guiding the ball correlates to enormously reduced kick and noticeably quieter audio signature.
The is so marked that in phrases of and the is no more time similar to poppet-based markers, but alternatively finds by itself competing with the extremely best spool operated equipment.
It to be noticed and to thoroughly value the leap

Post time: Nov-09-2016