Hager Werken embaling 0027788504193 powder pink & white in JOHANNESBURG, SOUTHAFRICA

Hot pink embalming powder from Germany,mauritius,namibia,zimbabwe,zambia, Spain, Italy, UK, India South Africa on sale
is exclusively manufactured by Hizone Brands, Ltd. as a highly effective external embalming powder for controlling odors, preserving tissue and inhibiting mold and mildew. 100% active ingredients without any inert fillers. For use in Caskets, Mausoleums, Crypts, body bags, and wherever external embalming is necessary.0027788504193
Baby & Stillborn: We recommend placing the body in a bag with the Paulex Powder after carrying out regular cavity procedures. Put 1 or 2 jars (one to two pounds) of Paulex Powder in a small cloth bag, like a pillow case or similar size. This bag will contain the powder for easy handling, but will still allow the fumes and vapors to pass through to react with the tissues. Put this bag and the body within a plastic bag, a body pouch or casket and seal tightly. Keep in warm area to accelerate chemical activity and external embalming.
Vaults-caskets-shipping cases: Place 1 jar contents minimum (about one pound or use more for longer preservation effects) in sealer caskets, use more in mausoleum vaults. The vaults should be sealed air-tight to contain body odor and chemical fumes. In the caskets, we suggest that you pour the Paulex Powder into an extra pillow case for convenient withdrawal from the casket prior to viewing or future exhumation procedures. Place the empty bottle within the casket to identify chemical contents (and potential hazards) to future examiners. Close and seal casket lid. An open roll of cotton will absorb some moisture within casket. Permit casket to air out after opening and placing the Paulex Powder in to an airtight container for re-use. Paulex Powder will kill flies and maggots and also inhibit growth of mold and mildew inside the casket.
Disasters and Emergencies: Pour powder completely over body and seal inside the body bag. Paulex Powder will kill flies and maggots and also inhibit growth of mold and mildew inside the body bag. Place more Paulex as needed within the sealer style casket.
Autopsy and special cavity preparation: After Aspirating, pour 1 jar (about one pound) or more Paulex Powder into the cavity directly or through a funnel. Seal cavity normally. May also be used in the cranial cavity.
Ulcers-Gangrene-Cancer-Bed Sores-etc.: Sprinkle powder liberally over affected area, then wrap in plastic or rubber sheeting, or appropriate plastic undergarment.
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