Hawk Proofing My Free Selection Hen Place

Saturday I was identified to end a hawk proof region for my chickens to cost-free assortment in properly. Final week a hawk came down to attack my chicks but luckily a rooster stored it away extended more than enough for me to chase it out of the meadow. But I can’t rely on luck all the time.

I minimize some modest branches and employed baling wire to connect it to the tops of my fence posts all-around the chicken region. I could not make the fencing taller when I set it up simply because then I could not have pounded the stakes into the ground. I had planned on this from the start.

After topping off each individual fence submit with a tree branch I then ran some large responsibility string along the posts and intertwined it with a crisscrossing sample above the chicken operate. I stored it above my head so I can conveniently stroll by way of the chicken operate with out ducking.

I am really certain that no hawk will arrive down into my chicken assortment now. Hawks will not enter a area that they can’t properly escape from. String hanging above the chicken assortment will keep hawks from getting into.

I also employed my Ryobi week wacker to trim the grass all all-around the entire perimeter of my backyard garden and chicken operate. Then I employed my press mower to minimize the entire meadow by hand. I began out with the notion of only trimming the taller stuff and finished up chopping the entire lawn with a press mower. It is a work but it had to be completed to keep the ticks down.

My chicks and adult chickens are finding along well together now that I permit them all out. They are all cost-free ranging together with no difficulties.

Abide by my every day development on the path to self sufficiency on my off grid solar homestead.


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Post time: Nov-20-2016