Honda Distributor Oil Seal Substitution

In this video clip I deal with repairing both internal and exterior oil leaks on 1994-1997 Honda four cylinder engine distributors.

Several condition if the distributor is leaking internally it won’t be able to be fixed and to purchase a new distributor. Perfectly with the suitable section variety and a bit of patience. You can take care of that internal oil leak and help save you at minimum a hundred and eighty bucks.

I also handle repairing the frequent outer seal leak as well.

Right here are the section figures you’ll want. There are distinct section figures depending on which distributor you have.

You both have a Tec distributor with an exterior ignition coil or a Hitachi distributor with an internal ignition coil. The Tec distributor caps have 5 wires on them while the Hitachi’s have four wires on their cap.

The Hitachi distributors need a bit additional internal disassembly but the seal substitution system is equivalent to the Tec proven in the video clip.

Tec Section Quantities:

Outer O-Ring Seal: 30110-PA1-732 (From Honda).

Internal Shaft Seal Section Quantity: NOK BH3888E (Get On the net). The proportions of this seal are 12.5 X 22.5 X 5mm.

Hitachi section figures:

Outer O-Ring Seal: 30110-PC6-005 (From Honda).

Internal Shaft Seal Section Quantity: KOK 3286 (Get On the net). The proportions of this seal are 12.45mm X 22mm X 6mm.

If you change your heater core inlet hose you’ll want to bleed the cooling procedure.

Right here is a connection to my video clip on bleeding the cooling procedure:

Intro and outro audio Warm Swing by Kevin Macleod (

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