How To Clean/Lube Rear Derailleur Pulleys

The pulleys on the rear derailleur are often ignored when cleaning and lubricating the drive practice of a bicycle. But the pulleys can get really dirty and clogged with dust and grease. In this movie I display you how to clear away the pulleys, clean up them, lubricate them, and set up them again onto the bicycle. I use chain lube to lubricate the pulleys, but you can use grease or whichever your choice is. Your pulleys will spin much improved and your chain will move smoother and your shifting will be improved.
The derailleur in the movie is a Shimano one hundred and five, but the system is quite much the exact same on most derailluers. On this derailleur, the guide pulley and pressure pulley are various, so you require to retain monitor of which pulley goes wherever. But on most deraileurs, the two pulleys are the exact same.

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Post time: Jan-15-2017