How to Use TEFLON TAPE. How to Apply PTFE TAPE. TO EASY!

How to use Teflon tape for plumbing applications. I know it sounds simple but there are a few tricks to applying the Teflon tape. Teflon tape is also known as PTFE Tape.
In the perfect world, a tap or pipe fitting when correctly fitted should not leak. However we don’t live in a perfect world so therefore Teflon tape was invented.

Before l go on, just some housekeeping.

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Teflon tape or PTFE Tape, is designed to give you a watertight seal and it’s commonly used on drainage pipes, water lines and gas pipe lines. Just keep in mind that a compression connection join does not need Teflon tape. What do l mean my compression connection. That is any thing that requires a gasket or a cone that compresses into a fitting does not need Teflon tape. For example under your sink the trap has a gasket. This type of connection does not need Teflon tape as the concave gasket provides the watertight seal. The threads on these connections are not designed to create the seal.

Now onto applying the tape.

It’s real important to apply your Teflon tape in a clockwise direction which coincidently is the same way you thread on most of your fittings.. If you apply the tape in an anticlockwise direction it will unravel as you screw on the fitting which will render it useless.

To apply , this is what l find the easiest. Start one thread back from the end of the pipe because you don’t want any tape to shear off during the fitting process which could end up stuck in a valve some where. Put your index finger through the hole on the tape spool and hold the tape down on the thread with your other index finger and then commence to wind the Teflon tape on. Making sure that you are keeping the Teflon tape tight and straight as you wind. Now l usually wrap the tape around around 4 to 7 times. This is normally enough to render the seal watertight.. Now you’re ready to screw on your fixture. How easy was that!
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