Iraq Discussed — ISIS, Syria and War

The current disaster in Iraq discussed in under five minutes.

There is war in Iraq? Once more? And the US and Iran are conversing about functioning alongside one another? And who is this ISIS Terrorist group that is all in excess of the information? And Religion? Oh expensive… When precisely has the environment absent mad once again?

It is not feasible to reveal a difficult subject like this with out simplification. We are extremely mindful that this video is not painting a complete picture of the problem. But we hope that it may perhaps lay the foundation on which you can try out to do your very own research and understand how horribly Fu**ed up the total problem is.

We did have to generate the video super fast — thanks a great deal to our close friends Martin Wackerbauer and Magnus Schlüter for serving to us out — we would not have been able to make this video in time with out you men!

Kurzgesagt enjoys all men and women as extensive as they you should not damage other people and you should not hinder mankind on its quest to the stars. So it was extremely unhappy to browse so a lot horrible stuff about the problem in Iraq. With any luck , it will get much better.

You can get the tunes of the video here:

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Iraq Discussed — ISIS, Syria and War.

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Post time: Dec-13-2016