Letterlocking. Hybrid: Tuck and Seal+Horizontal Stab w Triangle-Shaped Paper Lock. Italy. 1494.

This is a product of a locked paper doc, one particular of the earliest makes use of of a triangle-formed paper lock with slit perpendicular to the vertical axis. The triangle is reduce from a further paper source, not from the genuine letter becoming despatched. The handle is written throughout the panel and the paper lock, an anti-tamper attribute.

The initial manuscript is located in the Vatican Solution Archives, Fondo Veneto, Sezione II, container 670, folder #4, previous letter.

Letterlocking refers to the method of folding and securing any writing floor (these as papyrus, parchment, and paper) to perform as its possess envelope. Letterlocking is element of a ten,000 calendar year-aged information stability tradition, ranging from Mesopotamian clay bullae to Bitcoin.



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