Mercedes Benz Axor (heater is defective on this Axor )

3,six,The heater is defective on this Axor.|||
seven,9,This may be due to a faulty|warmth exchanger.||
10,thirteen,In purchase to access it, the whole|dashboard will have to be taken out.||
14,19,Note: For safety factors, constantly disconnect|the battery before starting off perform.||
24,26,Start on the passenger facet.|||
27,31,Loosen the 8 clips by hand which keep|the two trim sections in the footwell. ||
37,40,Take out the two facet screws.|||
41,forty four,Take out the facet trim.|||
47,forty nine,Take out the upcoming 4 screws|from inside of the motor vehicle.||
50,55,The higher trim can now be taken out|using a plastic wedge.||
56,sixty two,Jam the plastic wedge in between the centre|module and centre air vent|and depart it there. |
63,sixty seven,The higher trim can now be|conveniently taken out.||
sixty nine,seventy four,Unclip the address over the Instrument|on the driver facet.||
eighty,89,Take out the a few screws which are|now obtainable.||
91,99,Take out the panel clipped in at the front of|the Instrument by pulling it to the rear.||
103,112,Take out the 6 retaining screws from the|bracket at the top of the Instrument.||
116,122,Then remove the two reduce screws.|||
123,127,The bracket and Instrument are now loose|and can be taken out.||
129,133,Disconnect the cable ties and electrical|plugs at the rear of the Instrument.||
137,140,Carry on with the elimination of the centre air vent.|||
140,143,Use an assembly wedge to lever out|the 4 corners and detach the air vent.||
144,147,Only remove it much plenty of to access|the waistrail connector.||
151,one hundred fifty five,Lever out the trim of the change device|and heater.||
158,one hundred sixty five,Take out the two retaining screws for the|change device on the trim.||
166,178,Disconnect the electrical connectors|and contacts.||
179,181,Unhook the various Bowden cables|on the change device.||
182,190,The ends of the Bowden cables vary in|thickness, which prevents mixups in the course of|reinstallation.|
198,202,Take out the reduce and facet address|to the still left of the steering column.||
204,210,Take out the two screws to do so.|||
212,217,The trim elements are now only clipped in|and really should be taken out.||
220,225,Take out the OBD socket to the correct of the|steering column by eliminating the two screws.||
226,230,Disconnect the OBD socket|from the electrical wiring harness.||
232,238,Take out the two screws underneath|and over the OBD socket.||
239,244,Also remove the two screws|to the still left of the steering column.||
245,253,Take out the steering wheel pocket|at the rear of the steering column.||
255,261,Take out the upcoming huge part|of the dashboard.||
262,267,The two screws for the stowage box at the|centre of the footwell are located below the|rubber inserts.|
268,277,Take out the stowage box|after eliminating the screws.||
279,289,Take out the two tough-to-access screws|straight below the centre module.||
291,297,Take out the screws to the correct|of the steering column.||
298,301,Pull the electrical connectors.|||
302,306,Take out the trim below the|centre module.||
308,310,Pull off the internal rubber window seal.|||
311,314,This would make it simpler to choose out|the dashboard.||
318,329,Take out a whole of ten screws|for the housing of the Instrument.||
330,334,Take out the housing.|||
335,340,Take out all remaining screws.|||
342,344,Take out the dashboard from the motor vehicle.|||
345,348,The defective warmth exchanger|is now obtainable.||
352,356,Always complete a exam drive|after set up.||
358,368,Lastly, check out all features like|the tachograph.||

Post time: Nov-23-2016