Mercedes Benz — Clear away/set up doorway module (entrance doorway) B-Class

,eight,The doors of the new B-Class include|the doorway module with electricity window lifter …||
eight,11,… and the doorway manage device.|||
12,15,Before eradicating the doorway panel|open up the window.||
16,19,Clear away the key.|||
21,31,Clear away two screws from the doorway panel.|||
32,37,Clear away the mirror triangle panel|with tweeter.||
38,44,Unplug the connector.|||
forty seven,fifty five,Pull the doorway panel horizontally off |the sealing rail, commencing at the entrance …||
fifty five,60,… and disconnect the fuse |at the same time.||
61,sixty nine,Disconnect the remaining |mounting clips by hand.||
sixty nine,81,Before eradicating the panel disconnect |the manage device connectors.||
eighty two,85,Unhook the Bowden cable |for the doorway take care of.||
86,91,Clear away doorway panel.|||
92,ninety nine,All elements of the doorway module |are accessible.||
100,102,Clear away doorway module.|||
102,111,Diligently loosen the sealing rail |from the window and get rid of.||
112,119,Clear away rubber caps of accessibility openings.|||
120,124,Hook up doorway panel back |to doorway manage device.||
125,134,Go window into situation so that the bolts |of the electricity window lifter are accessible.||
142,150,Right after loosening the two bolts, diligently pull out|the window upwards.||
one hundred fifty five,162,Detach doorway take care of.|||
166,172,Disconnect electrical connector |from lock cylinder.||
173,182,Loosen the two screws less than the take care of,|do not get rid of them totally.||
189,193,Unhook bearing bracket.|||
194,199,Disconnect the battery.|||
two hundred,211,Detach wiring harness and |unplug from manage device.||
216,223,Clear away 3 screws from doorway lock.|||
224,228,Drill all rivets attaching the doorway module|to the doorway.||
229,238,Only drill deep ample to detach the rivets.|Use a seven mm diameter drill little bit!||
246,252,Loosen module with assembly wedge |and diligently pull out of doorway frame.||
253,260,Observe: Do not problems seal of doorway module!|||
261,266,Doorway module with elements.|||
267,276,Clear away the rest of the rivets |with a knock-out tool.||
279,284,Vacuum up the shavings.|||
285,289,Install doorway module in the reverse buy.|||
290,298,A blind rivet tool is essential for installation.|It can be ordered from GOTIS.||
300,308,Diligently insert the window.|||
317,323,Tighten the bolts of the window.|||
326,336,Treat the sealing rail with lubricant|prior to installation.||
341,345,Install the panel in reverse buy.|||
346,349,Hook up battery.|||
350,354,Finally, educate in electricity window.|||

Post time: Nov-12-2016