Mercedes Benz — Eliminate/install dashboard (Atego)

Design 970, 972, 974, 975, 976 with body 972.ninety eight

three,7,The heater on an Atego 2 is faulty.|||
eight,11,This may be thanks to a defect in the|heater housing.||
fourteen,sixteen,The dashboard has to be taken off|to access the heater housing.||
twenty,28,Essential: 1st disconnect|the battery.||
30,33,Eliminate the dashboard on the|passenger aspect.||
34,36,Eliminate the deal with in the footwell.|||
36,38,Open up the four locks.|||
forty three,54,Stick to the exact process on the|upper footwell deal with.||
57,60,Eliminate the footwell deal with on the|driver aspect.||
60,70,Eliminate the three screws|located to the remaining of the steering column.||
71,eighty four,Stick to the exact process for the deal with|to the ideal of the steering column.||
86,ninety four,Eliminate the two screws on the|Onboard Prognosis socket.||
ninety five,100,Eliminate the socket|utilizing an assembly wedge.||
a hundred and one,104,Detach the connector.|||
109,122,Eliminate the two screws on the aspect deal with|on the driver aspect.||
123,126,Eliminate the deal with.|||
127,131,Eliminate the stowage compartment in the centre.|||
132,139,To do so, take out just one screw on the remaining and ideal|respectively.||
a hundred and forty,146,Eliminate the deal with clipped in higher than the|instrument cluster.||
147,154,Eliminate the three screws which are then exposed.|||
one hundred fifty five,158,Go the steering column to the rear.|||
159,167,Detach the panel of the instrument cluster.|||
one hundred seventy,183,Eliminate the 6 screws attaching|the instrument cluster to the bracket|at the top.|
184,191,Also take out the two lower|screws.||
192,199,Take out the bracket and Instrument.|||
200,218,Disconnect the cable ties and electrical|connectors at the rear of the instrument|cluster.|
222,228,Eliminate the driving lights switch module,|which is clipped in.||
229,235,Essential: Detach the connector.|||
237,247,Lever out the switch device|utilizing an assembly wedge.||
248,259,Eliminate the two screws attaching the|heater running device to the trim. ||
261,273,Disconnect all cable ties and|connectors.||
274,279,Unhook the four Bowden cables|on the heater running device.||
280,282,Fold back the fasteners of the Bowden cables.|||
283,286,The finishes of the Bowden cables|have distinct diameters.||
287,289,This helps prevent any mixups|when reinstalling.||
302,308,Unclip the steering boot.|||
315,321,Eliminate the two screws on the remaining up coming to|the steering column.||
323,326,Eliminate the two screws on the ideal up coming to|the steering column.||
327,339,Disconnect the connector and|take out the deal with.||
340,344,Eliminate the 6 screws on the stowage box|in the centre of the footwell.||
345,353,1st take out the two lower|screws.||
356,372,Eliminate the two screws on the remaining and ideal|of the stowage box.||
373,382,Eliminate the connectors and|consider out the stowage box.||
387,389,Eliminate the cigarette lighter|in the centre module.||
390,402,Lever out the module|with an assembly wedge.||
403,407,Essential: Pull the connectors.|||
409,413,Eliminate the Instrument equipment carrier.|||
414,417,Release the three cable ties to do so.|||
419,430,Take out 8 screws.|||
432,444,Take out the equipment carrier.|||
445,449,Eliminate the aspect deal with on the|passenger aspect.||
450,460,Eliminate two screws to do so.|||
464,468,Eliminate the upper deal with of the|dashboard.||
469,475,Eliminate two screws to do so.|||
476,486,Eliminate the deal with utilizing an|assembly wedge.||
492,499,Pull off the internal rubber window seal.|||
500,513,Eliminate the past ten screws correcting|the dashboard in place.||
514,519,Take out the dashboard.|||
520,522,The essential repair work|can now be executed.||
523,525,Reinstall the dashboard.|||
527,529,Carry out a take a look at drive.|||
530,539,Check whether or not all electrical individuals|run appropriately.||
540,545,Essential: Check the tachograph|for appropriate operation.||

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