Mercedes Benz — Eliminate/put in instrument panel (Section two)

4,nine,The reduced deal with of the centre module is|held by yet another six screws.||
10,26,Eliminate these screws.|||
35,forty seven,Before detaching the trim, disconnect|the four digital connectors.||
fifty two,fifty five,Eliminate the switch module under|the centre air vent.||
fifty six,sixty one,Disconnect the connector.|||
66,81,Pry out the drawer compartment,|so that the module can be eliminated.||
83,96,Eliminate the 3 screws and take out|the higher deal with on the passenger side.||
107,111,Proceed with the instrument cluster|on the driver side.||
112,118,The removal is shown in detail on yet another|video clip working with the Actros MP two as an illustration.||
119,a hundred twenty five,Only a short edition of the ways|is consequently shown in this article.||
146,153,Eliminate the four switch modules |(slave modules) in the same way |as shown previously.|
154,156,Continue in the same way |with the learn module.||
157,a hundred and sixty,However, additional connectors are found|powering it.||
161,166,These can be positioned in any arrangement |working with the LIN bus connector |powering the slave modules.|
167,169,For the differential lock switch, pull the|switch up and convert it to the still left.||
a hundred and seventy,174,This releases the module.|||
one hundred eighty,184,Eliminate the screws in the housing of the|instrument cluster.||
185,196,Eliminate 3 screws at the base|and two at the top rated.||
204,207,Pull the deal with forwards a little bit.|||
208,215,Eliminate the two screws powering the heating|command and running unit.||
216,220,The relaxation observe later.|||
221,223,Reduce the cable ties powering the|mobile phone bracket.||
224,236,Disconnect the connectors of the hands-free |system and antenna.||
239,242,Disconnect the mild switch connector.|||
243,252,Eliminate the panel.|||
261,274,Eliminate the two connectors of the heating |command and running unit and take out the unit.||
277,292,Eliminate the six screws of the|Instrument holder.||
293,299,Reduce as a result of the cable ties.|||
three hundred,304,Eliminate the housing.|||
305,315,Eliminate the last two screws.|||
316,322,Detach the higher deal with on the driver side.|||
327,329,This Actros is completely geared up.|||
330,349,Eliminate the connectors of the Lane Assistant|and rain/mild sensor.||
354,356,Pull off the interior rubber window seal.|||
357,366,Eliminate a full of fourteen screws.|||
369,371,The removal procedure is then entire.|||
372,374,The faulty heat exchanger|is now obtainable.||
375,380,Immediately after setting up the new heat exchanger,|carry out a rapid examination with Star Prognosis|prior to examination driving.|
381,384,Erase the fault memory with Star Prognosis.|||
387,391,Take note: |Set tachograph back to UTC time.||
392,394,All through the examination travel:|||
395,400,Test tachograph procedure and all|exhibit indicators e.g. convert signal lights.||

Post time: Nov-18-2016