Mercedes Benz ( Eliminating the rear door panel W204 wagon C-Class) German

1,three,Decreased the window …|||
4,7,… right until the retaining screw for the window|can be witnessed in the access opening.||
8,11,You now no more time require any|electrical power provide at the window.||
12,fifteen,Disconnect the electrical connector|of the rear door control device.||
sixteen,19,Notice the security specs for |functioning with electronic factors.||
twenty,26,Loosen the retaining bolt for the lowered |window making use of a Torx 27 driver.||
27,32,Slide the window all the way up.|||
33,43,Then, resolve the window in area making use of |adhesive tape more than the door frame.||
44,50,The retaining screw for the door manage |is only available from inside for |theft security explanations.|
fifty one,55,Initially take out the rubber seal.|Making use of a extended Torx twenty T-wrench …||
56,fifty nine,… loosen the retaining screw |for the door manage.||
sixty,69,Each pieces of the door manage|can now be eliminated.||
70,seventy three,Now take out the still left-hand rubber seal.|||
seventy four,ninety two,Loosen the retaining screws on the still left |and right making use of a Torx screwdriver.||
93,ninety seven,The door lock is mounted |in area with 3 screws.||
98,103,These 3 mounting screws|should be eliminated.||
104,112,This is mainly because the lock is|connected to the door module.||
113,118,Only then can the door module be correctly|eliminated from its frame at a later on stage.||
119,125,Now go on to the driver door.|||
126,129,Disconnect the rear door|electrical connector below.||
a hundred thirty,134,Separate the door wiring harness |from the B-pillar.||
a hundred thirty five,141,Then information it by means of the hose |opening into the rear door.||
142,149,Detach the grommet on |the other aspect of the door.||
a hundred and fifty,156,The door wiring harness can then be|pulled out of the rear door effortlessly.||
157,one hundred sixty,The upcoming phase is milling.|A rivet milling cutter is made use of below.||
161,172,The rivet milling cutter can be |received by means of GOTIS.|Product selection: 171 589 00 39 00.|
173,178,Warning! Dress in the specified protective |gear to protect against injuries!||
179,191,The door module is attached to its |frame with a overall of nine rivets.||
192,197,Assemble the rivet milling cutter.|Mill-slice the rivets.||
198,202,Remove any rivet shavings from the milling |little bit crown right after each and every mill cutting procedure.||
203,225,When you have mill-slice all of the rivets,|the door module can be lifted out of its frame.||
226,233,Remove the rests of all of the rivets from the|inner door panel making use of the push-out software.||
234,242,Use the distinctive software to merely|push out the rests of the rivets.||
243,246,When you execute mill-cutting, |shavings are manufactured.||
247,250,Observe:|As a outcome, always take out all |rivet rests to protect against corrosion.|
251,259,The door module and the door lining|are mounted in reverse buy.||

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