Mercedes Benz — Get rid of/set up doorway module (A Course)

Additional Details
Knock-out instrument W 221 589 00 39 00
Riveting instrument

2,8,Get rid of doorway module.|||
10,fifteen,Get rid of sealing rail.|||
19,23,Get rid of 2 rubber covers.|||
24,28,The mounting screws of the window |are found in this article.||
thirty,32,The doorway trim is needed, …|||
32,34,… the switches for the electrical power window |are on it.||
35,37,Join plug.|||
38,forty two,Transfer mounting screws of window |into situation …||
forty two,forty seven,… so that they are accessible.|||
fifty,52,Transform equally screws through 2 revolutions …|||
52,55,… to loosen the window mountings.|||
fifty six,sixty,Do not totally unscrew screws.|||
69,72,Tilt the crank window up at the rear.|||
72,75,Pull glass out of window channel.|||
seventy nine,eighty one,Disconnect the battery.|||
84,87,Get rid of rubber grommet from doorway.|||
88,92,Unscrew screw for doorway cope with.|||
ninety eight,102,Detach lock cylinder from doorway cope with.|||
103,107,Unplug the electrical connector.|||
108,121,Get rid of doorway cope with incl. 2 seals.|||
125,one hundred thirty,Get rid of 2 screws.|||
133,137,Disconnect connectors on control unit …|||
137,141,… with plastic wedge.|||
one hundred fifty,a hundred and sixty,Get rid of 3 screws from doorway lock.|||
161,164,The doorway module is nonetheless held by rivets.|||
165,one hundred seventy,Drill off rivet heads with a seven mm drill bit.|||
one hundred seventy five,181,Get rid of doorway module.|||
190,193,A knock-out instrument is needed.|||
194,199,Push relaxation of rivets out of holes in doorway.|||
202,207,Vacuum out any steel shavings |in interior doorway panel.||
209,213,Listed here: Doorway module with cable for …|||
213,217,… electrical power window and locking system.|||
219,221,Set up in the reverse purchase.|||
222,225,Re-rivet holes with …|||
225,230,… riveting instrument.|||
233,240,Relaxation window on mounts.|||
240,245,Slide window into rear window guideline seal.|||
255,262,Fasten window.|||
264,266,Procedure is complete.|||

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