Mercedes Benz — Manually close Vario roof (SLK-Course)

Model 171

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SM 77.thirty P 0001 A

,four,The Vario roof of the R 171 are not able to|be shut automatically.||
5,8,Crisis actuation|has to be performed.||
nine,fourteen,Open both doors and|remove the ignition important.||
16,seventeen,Open the stowage compartment.|||
18,23,Working with a suited device, provide out the deal with|from the rear panel.||
27,33,Working with an Allen wrench, open the emergency |opening valve via max. 2 turns.||
34,36,The hydraulic pump is now unpressurized.|||
42,forty six,Important: Now insert the emergency important|in the lock.||
49,51,Working with both hands, grasp the take care of strip|of the trunk lid.||
51,53,Pull the trunk lid upwards|until eventually the tubular frame is unlocked.||
55,60,Completely elevate the trunk lid to the rear|jointly with the tubular frame.||
sixty one,65,Important: Pull the tubular frame upwards |and backwards at the same time.||
65,67,The tubular frame could or else|put up with harm.||
68,seventy one,Unlock the trunk lid lock.|||
seventy one,75,Move the trunk lid to the assembly place.|||
76,80,Maintain keep of the trunk lid the entire time|when relocating it into the assembly place.||
81,eighty three,Usually it will tumble back again down.|||
84,86,Situation the rear shelf vertically.|||
87,90,Guarantee that the rear shelf is basically|standing vertical.||
ninety one,ninety three,Usually, the control arm will not be |positioned specifically in the claw.||
94,ninety five,This could harm the claw.|||
96,a hundred,With an assistant, lift the stowed|Vario roof out of the trunk.||
a hundred,106,Important: Only grasp and transfer the roof |by the C-pillars so that it is not bent |out of shape.|
107,111,Fold it forwards until eventually the angle of the|C-pillars is 90°.||
114,118,Unclip the deal with in the headliner.|||
119,121,Unlock the lock at the locking bolt|by turning clockwise.||
122,124,Use an Allen wrench for this purpose.|||
one hundred twenty five,130,Fold the roof forwards until eventually the locking hooks|enter the aid.||
131,134,Important: The moment yet again, only transfer the roof|by the C-pillars.||
138,142,Turn the locking bolt|counterclockwise.||
one hundred forty four,146,The roof is now thoroughly locked.|||
148,151,Important: Clip the deal with back again in.|||
154,158,With flat hands, press down the roof|in between the C-pillar and Vario roof front |part on both sides.|
160,164,Open the trunk partition.|||
166,168,Close both rear facet windows.|||
169,171,Star Analysis is required for this.|||
173,one hundred seventy five,Entry the “Primary groups” menu.|||
one hundred seventy five,177,Select “Control models”.|||
178,181,Select “System”.|||
183,185,Select “Vario roof”.|||
187,189,Select “Actuations”.|||
190,197,”Remaining rear…” and |”Appropriate rear electric power window actuation”|are accessible for selection.|
198,203,First decide on “Remaining rear electric power window|actuation”.||
205,210,Fork out consideration to the protection information and facts|exhibited.||
218,225,Maintain F4 pressed until eventually the initially|rear window is thoroughly shut.||
227,230,Repeat the method|on the other window.||
235,248,Guideline the tubular frame into|both guide pins uniformly.||
252,255,Open the trunk trim.|||
260,266,Carry the retainer working with a suited|screwdriver.||
266,277,Unclip the trunk lid actuation hydraulic|cylinder from the tubular frame.||
279,282,Repeat the method on the remaining-hand|facet of the trunk.||
286,294,Close the trunk partition and trunk lid.|||
303,320,Close the emergency opening valve |with a torque of 2.5 Nm.||
323,326,Important: Seal the opening with a blind plug.|||
327,331,To guarantee that the shut Vario roof|are not able to be accidentally actuated:||
332,333,Eliminate the roof fuse.|||
339,343,Pull out fuse no. 38 (40 A).|||
347,350,Crisis locking is entire.|||

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