Mercedes Benz — Repair of bearing of starter-alternator because of to increased poly-V belt wear (Component 1)

,6,This clever was produced |just before eighteen April 2011.||
seven,11,This design was not fitted with |a starter-alternator with the |new output bearing.|
13,seventeen,In the function of bearing injury, |the starter-alternator does not have |to be replaced, …|
seventeen,22,… the next repair service approach can be applied.|||
twenty five,29,Examine poly-V belt for symptoms of wear.|||
31,37,Frayed edges are an sign of|too much wear of the starter-alternator.||
forty one,forty four,Note: Swap poly-V belt!|||
46,fifty two,Take out mounting bolt of tensioning unit|and take away poly-V belt.||
sixty six,seventy three,Lower motor vehicle raise, the starter-alternator|need to be available from above.||
seventy six,eighty one,Open liftgate and take away protect driving it.|||
eighty five,89,Examine starter-alternator for play.|||
89,96,Swap bearing if there is play!|||
107,113,Prior to elimination, disconnect |the battery ground line.||
114,118,Follow the operate instructions for removing|the starter-alternator.||
118,124,Commence by decreasing the rear push module.|||
126,133,Disconnect electrical connections |on starter-alternator.||
136,143,Take out nut on pin and|disconnect 3-phase line.||
148,154,Take out mounting bolt and …|||
154,162,… consider-out starter-alternator.|||
176,184,Take out bushings from timing scenario protect.|||
186,192,Fabricate a elimination fixture for |removing the pilot bearings. |From an inside extractor, …|
192,198,… and extraction resource and |an influence extractor.||
202,208,Insert inside extractor driving outer pilot|bearing and clamp.||
211,216,Knock outer pilot bearing out of timing |scenario protect with elimination fixture.||
226,235,Utilizing a cotter pin driver, take away the rear|pilot bearing from the timing scenario protect.||
245,253,Clamp the starter-alternator in a vise with|protective jaws and take away belt tensioner.||
263,272,Clamp the starter-alternator in the vise to|operate on the threaded insert.||
276,286,Screw a bolt into the threaded insert |and use it to pull it out.||
298,304,Wrap starter-alternator in movie and|adhesive tape. Seal it totally!||
305,310,Note: Any drill chips which enter |can result in premature wear.||

Post time: Nov-11-2016