Mercedes Benz — — Retrofitting a distant regulate

one,4,Little, helpful and extremely useful:|||
4,9,The distant regulate for the TP4 stationary |heater from Eberspächer.||
ten,sixteen,You can buy the full retrofit kit|below buy variety B six six fifty six 0606.||
17,22,It involves all of the elements|vital for the retrofit.||
23,29,Just before setting up set up, initial disconnect|the battery floor line.||
thirty,35,The battery is situated below the driver seat|on the Sprinter.||
36,forty,Subsequent, five panels have to be eliminated:|initial the panel underneath |the instrument panel …|
forty,forty three,… and the panel on the middle console.|||
forty four,forty nine,Then, on the passenger side, the lower panel |in the footwell and the panel at the side |of the glove box.|
50,fifty four,The fifth panel, all over again on the driver side,|is the side cover for the fuses.||
fifty five,58,The next phase will involve routing|the acquiring antenna.||
fifty nine,sixty two,The sunshine visor must be eliminated|on the driver side for this.||
63,sixty six,On the remaining-hand side, initial eliminate|these two screws.||
sixty seven,71,Then disconnect the electrical connector.|||
72,eighty,On the appropriate, there is a screw hidden|beneath a flap on the reverse bracket.||
eighty one,87,Subsequent, unclip the A-pillar trim|making use of a plastic wedge.||
88,91,Observe: On the Sprinter, the trim is secured|by a tether strap.||
ninety two,96,When you reinstall it afterwards, this strap must be|tightened to five Nm.||
ninety seven,one hundred,The tether strap is set up since|the windowbag is situated in the A-pillar.||
one hundred and one,107,It prevents the driver from getting hurt |by the trim if the windowbag is brought on |by an accident.|
108,111,We keep on on the remaining of the engine |compartment at the fuse box.||
112,118,Get rid of the cover of the fuse box.|||
119,123,Start out by setting up the acquiring antenna|for the distant regulate.||
124,134,Adhere a piece of self-adhesive velcro strip|from the kit on to the antenna regulate device.||
135,141,In a minute, we will install the regulate device|in the footwell on the driver side.||
142,one hundred forty five,Nonetheless, it is best to take care of the 2nd piece|of adhesive tape in spot initial.||
146,a hundred and fifty five,It should be preset in spot on the steel guidance|over the parking brake.||
156,a hundred sixty five,The regulate device can now be properly stowed|in the footwell making use of the velcro fastener.||
166,176,The antenna must then be guided upwards.|||
177,184,In the next phase, the antenna must be|routed alongside the A-pillar.||
185,194,It is best to use the attachments for the|current wiring harnesses as a guide.||
195,two hundred,At the leading, simply press the antenna cable |underneath the headliner by way of |to the inside rearview mirror.|
201,214,The antenna should be preset in spot with|added cable ties in the place of the A-pillar.||
215,223,Slice off any extra cable tie finishes.|||
224,228,The cable must now be connected to the|receiver for the antenna in the footwell.||
229,234,Subsequent, the green cable from the wiring harness|must be plugged into the connector …||
234,239,… for the stationary heater switch.|This is PIN variety 4.||
240,251,When the new cable has been inserted, |you can reconnect the switch from the rear.||
251,258,The remaining cables of the wiring harness|must be routed from the driver |to the passenger side.|
259,262,This is why the trim panel all around the|middle console was eliminated earlier.||
263,266,There is not a great deal space but it is achievable!|||
267,276,On the passenger side, the floor line must |be connected to the “Firewall” floor.||
277,281,To do so, eliminate the nut from the floor |level in the front passenger footwell.||
282,289,Link the brown cable here.|Then reinstall the nut.||
290,293,The line is now routed more alongside.|||
294,299,The protective bag is sealed|with a cable tie.||
three hundred,309,Open up the protective bag making use of a acceptable device.|||
310,314,Disconnect the “Stationary heater” connector.|||
315,322,Plug the line from the wiring harness|into PIN variety 4.||
323,326,Then reconnect the connector.|||
327,333,Stow all the things properly absent in the bag all over again|and seal it with a cable tie.||
334,339,Subsequent, route the “Radio sign receiver fuse” |line from the inside compartment …||
339,342,… to the fuse box in the engine compartment.|||
343,350,Plug in the fuse.|||
351,355,The next phase is training in the distant regulate:|In the automobile, press the “On” switch …||
355,360,… for the stationary heater|right until it starts off to flash.||
361,364,Then press the “On” button|on the distant regulate.||
365,368,Launch the button when the LED |of the switch goes out.||
369,373,By the way, if you press the “Off” button|of the distant regulate in three seconds, …||
373,379,… up to four additional distant controls|can be taught in. |Otherwise, just this 1 will be taught in.|
380,389,The closing functionality examine displays|that the distant regulate is functioning effectively.||
390,393,The client can now operate the stationary |heater conveniently with the distant regulate.||

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