Mercedes Benz — Take out/set up front bumper (CLS-Class)

8,eighteen,Set the vehicle on a vehicle carry to|remove the bumper.||
19,23,Take out the underfloor paneling.|||
24,27,Observe out for the retaining lug,|it serves as an attachment support.||
29,32,The next operation techniques are the same|for the remaining-hand and right-hand sides.||
33,36,Take out the screw from the bracket.|||
38,40,Disengage the bracket.|||
forty two,47,Reduced the vehicle slightly|and convert the wheel.||
fifty,fifty five,Take out the 4 expansion clips|from the wheel perfectly trim.||
fifty six,61,3 are in the wheel arch,|the fourth is underneath the vehicle.||
65,70,Loosen the wheel perfectly trim.|||
73,eighty three,Take out the two screw connections|on the fender.||
88,97,Disconnect the electrical connectors.|||
ninety eight,107,Disengage the bumper to the front,|watch out for the two retaining lugs.||
108,112,Progress in the same way on the other side.|||
113,121,Unclip the 8 catch hooks.|||
123,127,Thoroughly detach the bumper from the|mounting rail.||
130,136,Set up notice:|If the gap sample is proper in advance of elimination, …||
136,142,… the bumper can be set up|in reverse get.||
143,147,If the whole front has been replaced,|readjust the gap sample.||
148,153,Assure that the gap dimensions are|proper from the rear to the front!||
154,156,Verify the gap dimensions |with a feeler gauge.||
157,160,When the dimensions are proper,|adjust the mounting rail.||
161,one hundred sixty five,This determines the ultimate place|of the bumper.||
169,176,Set up the mounting rail.|Spend notice to the guidebook lug.||
179,184,Deal with the mounting rail around|in place with a cordless screwdriver.||
186,197,Tighten the screws by hand so that|the mounting rail can still be moved|minimally.|
198,205,Shut the motor hood and verify|irrespective of whether the mounting rail is seated centrally.||
206,211,Use the swage lines on the motor hood|for orientation.||
212,216,Loosen the five bolts so that the|provider can still be moved.||
217,223,There are two bolts on the remaining and right|and just a single in the middle.||
224,227,With the support of an assistant,|adjust the peak of the mounting rail.||
228,234,Note: Only evaluate up to the seam seal|with the feeler gauge!||
236,239,Refer to the corresponding WIS doc|for the proper dimensions.||
240,243,Usually verify the gap format |at all 3 specified details, …||
243,248,… in advance of you commence adjusting the depth.|||
252,260,Place an angle piece flat and flush|against the edge.||
262,264,The photograph exhibits the angle piece |from above.||
265,270,Place a feeler gauge against the inside of edge|of the angle piece and adjust the length.||
271,275,Tighten the bolt at one mm +/- .five.|||
276,279,Repeat the procedure on all 4 bolts.|||
281,287,Operate the bumper into the guides|on the two sides.||
288,292,Also have interaction it in the side and|reduce guides.||
293,three hundred,Interact the two brackets underneath the vehicle.|||
304,307,Verify that the 8 catch hooks|are seated appropriately.||
308,310,The bumper ought to be totally engaged.|||
312,316,Verify the specific gap dimension using|a feeler gauge.||
317,320,The over-all visible impression|of the gap sample is important.||
321,323,The motor hood may perhaps not be bigger|than the bumper.||
324,326,If not, wind noise can occur.|||
327,329,The remaining areas are set up|in reverse get.||
330,337,Note: If you are only setting up a new bumper,|verify the gap sample in advance of ultimate|set up.|

Post time: Nov-16-2016