Mercedes Benz ( The dual clutch transmission of the SLS )

ten,thirteen,The dual clutch transmission |of the SLS is compact …||
thirteen,16,… and sits concerning the generate shafts|for the rear wheels.||
seventeen,twenty,The transmission has a transaxle structure.|||
21,24,The dual clutch transmission shifts gears|with out interruption of tractive ability.||
25,29,In manual manner, equipment modifications |can be created in a hundred msec.||
thirty,38,Ahead of eradicating the transmission, |resolve the motor vehicle correctly in place |on the motor vehicle lift.|
39,forty two,Elevate the motor vehicle.|||
43,53,Remove the rear underfloor |paneling and reinforcement.||
fifty four,66,Detach the controller unit|for the parking brake.||
72,seventy seven,Unhook the proper-hand brake cable.|||
seventy eight,83,The left-hand brake cable and Bowden cable|for emergency release stay mounted.||
84,ninety,Take care of the controller unit in place at |an ideal position to protected it.||
91,ninety seven,Also take away the rear reinforcement.|||
98,a hundred,Also take away the exhaust method.|||
one hundred and one,one hundred ten,To do so, unscrew the bolts proven in this article.|||
113,one hundred twenty,See the WIS doc proven |in this article for torque info.||
142,148,Remove the corresponding bolts |on the left-hand motor vehicle facet.||
149,153,Remove the exhaust method |with the assistance of an assistant.||
158,163,Remove the rear carrier.|||
164,167,The transmission is now uncovered.|The generate shaft can be taken out.||
168,one hundred seventy,To do so, take away 6 bolts on the flange.|||
171,one hundred eighty,In the course of set up, swap all bolts|and notice the existing torques.||
182,188,Transform the rear wheel in order to |arrive at all bolts of the flange.||
197,200,Put the shaft down |on a padded floor.||
201,203,Repeat the procedure on the |other facet of the motor vehicle.||
210,221,Detach the left floor strap |on the transmission.||
222,228,Substitute the bolt through |subsequent set up.||
231,235,Over the floor strap, disconnect |the connector for the clutch module |controller unit.|
236,241,Also disconnect the upper connector |for the change module controller unit.||
244,255,At the rear stop of the torque tube, |unscrew the heat shielding.||
259,267,Put an oil receptacle |under the transmission.||
268,276,Initially unscrew the bracket for the |oil line of the hydraulic circuit.||
280,285,Open up the link of the |oil line on the transmission.||
286,290,Observe: Get care!|The oil could be warm.||
299,302,Pull the line downwards marginally.|||
303,307,Enable the hydraulic oil to drip out.|||
316,328,Seal the strains and threaded |holes with halt plugs.||
332,350,At the rear of the transmission, disconnect|the oil strains for cooling the equipment established circuit.||
352,355,Secure connections with plugs.|||
356,365,Pull out temperature sensor.|||

Post time: Nov-11-2016