Mercedes Benz ( The roll bar on the new SL 280 ) German

1,4,The roll bar on the new SL 280|||
five,8,We commence by eradicating all the factors |set up within the car.||
nine,13,The initial phase is to unclip the |reduce trim utilizing a wedge.||
14,19,Then get rid of the bolt for the aspect trim |and then the a person for the edge guard.||
20,27,1st unscrew the bolts struggling with |the within of the vehicle.||
28,35,Then progress to the outside.|||
36,forty,Now get rid of the door sill. |All the factors to be taken off …||
forty,forty three,… should also be taken off on the opposite aspect.|||
44,forty seven,Detach the rubber seal and |stow it on the aspect of the seat.||
forty eight,fifty one,Use the assembly wedge |to get rid of the aspect trim.||
52,fifty five,The goal is to get to the factors |underneath, …||
fifty five,fifty eight,… such as the support element for |the retracting spring.||
59,62,Then transform the hydraulic cylinder ninety levels |counterclockwise.||
sixty three,66,Pull back the black retaining clips |and get rid of the cylinder by hand.||
sixty seven,70,Take note:|Extraction hooks are expected |for Design Refinement Package 1.|
seventy one,seventy four,For Design Refinement Package 2 |the retracting springs are pressed |in utilizing a screwdriver.|
75,seventy eight,The aid of a colleague is essential |for this phase.||
seventy nine,82,Push down the roll bar together, retaining |the screwdriver pressed in.||
eighty three,86,Push the roll bar all the way down and |get rid of the screwdriver from the opening.||
87,ninety,4 loud clicks and the roll bar |stops in an intermediate position.||
91,ninety four,Ultimately, reinstall the hydraulic cylinder |in the opening.||
95,ninety eight,Secure the retaining clips.|||
one hundred,103,Make guaranteed that the retaining clips are |seated adequately and do not slip out yet again.||

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