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In this video we outline the measures associated when assembling a roof applying multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

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We will not only slash the multiwall polycarbonate sheet to the expected sizes, we also blow out the sheet to make sure that all plastic sawdust and plastic swarf is distinct of the sheet. When that is completed we will apply a sound tape to a single conclusion of the sheet and a vented tape to the other conclusion to defend the sheet. All our sheets arrive to you doorway, ready to be equipped.

In the previously mentioned video, we explain the comprehensive roofing assembly process, together with placement of the roofing gasket and capping bar. The capping bar arrives throughout the joint and the correcting screws, generally 60mm extensive, are put into the pre-drilled holes.

For rafters exactly where sheets are not been butted edge to edge, there is no require for a capping bar to be applied, a simple use of a correcting button will address the work.

It is essential to use neutral curing silicone, as acetoxy silicone may assault the polycarbonate sheet.

When the sheeting is in placement and the roofing is virtually completed, it is needed to achieve a drinking water tight seal in between the property wall and the multiwall polycarbonate sheet. This is reached by applying a butyl backed direct flashing, which is accessible in white and direct colour.

If you require any assistance with your multiwall polycarbonate roofing venture, be sure to you should not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced profits group on 01 8010022.

Post time: Nov-19-2016