Navy SEAL Motivation – Embrace Fear Training – Mission 3: Retrain Your Brain

Learn to Embrace your Fears with top Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker and Author, and Performance Coach, David Rutherford. This motivational video is the fourth in the our #EmbraceFear training series of inspiring videos designed to help you succeed and learn to live with purpose. Allow David to inspire you so that you can face the Negative Insurgency and charge full steam into the combat of life.

As a world class behavioral training expert and performance coach David Rutherford has inspired over 2,000,000 million people around the world with his totally unique Froglogic Motivational Training program. He’s spent the last 20 years exploring the human condition as a Navy SEAL Medic, Instructor, International Training Expert and Security Protection Specialist. David has traveled the world and experienced the human condition in countless scenarios and environments. Now, David has combined his incredible insight with 70 plus years of Navy SEAL operations, training, and elite performance to create one of the best motivational entertainment and training companies on the planet, Froglogic Concepts LLC (FLC).

FLC is 100% committed to offering you the very best in FREE motivational content via the FLC YouTube Channel, Navy SEAL Radio on, all Social Media Networks, and through out website. Please join our team and help us spread Froglogic – Navy SEAL Motivation around the world. HOOYAH #EmbraceFear #TeamFroglogic #NavySEALDavidRutherford For More information please visit David and us at

Video Produced By GreenFace Productions
David Rutherford – Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Actor
Brain Kalt – Producer/Visual Creative Director
William Thies – Editor/Effects Manager

Music by Chad Holmes –

In Association with Ben Pickup Productions

Post time: Jan-07-2017