New Testomony – REVELATION 5:one-fourteen – (Lamb is Deserving)

New Testomony – REVELATION 5:one-fourteen – (Lamb is Deserving) – CC Windward – Pastor Tim

New Testomony – REVELATION 5:one-fourteen – (Lamb is Deserving) – Calvary Chapel Windward – OAHU, HAWAII – Pastor Tim Newman – From Regional Olelo / Oceanic / Time Warner Cable display “A Check out from Calvary” – Episode # 197: – Initial Air Date: 01 24 2010 A.D.


Revelation 5:one-fourteen
“The Lamb is Worthy”
one. There is just one WHO is capable to open up the scroll.
Vs. one-5
1a. It is God the Father WHO is seen keeping the scroll.
All of the authority and sovereignty of the heavenly Father is powering the
straightforward statement “in the correct hand of Him who sat on the throne.”
1b. It is a powerful angel that asks WHO is worthy.
A Roman regulation demanded that a will was to be sealed seven situations.
In Daniel 12:4 we go through that Daniel was instructed to “shut up the words, and
seal the e book until the time of the finish.”
1c. It is an Elder WHO announces that just one has prevailed.
See the titles supplied to the just one who is worthy.
He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah
This title goes again to Genesis 49:8-10 when Jacob is prophesying more than
his sons.

The “Root of David” is a reference to Isaiah eleven:one-2:
2. The just one who is Deserving is the Lamb.
Vs. 6-seven
2a. The just one who was Deserving was like a lamb that had
been slain.
His affliction (“as nevertheless it had been slain”).
The Greek verb is in the fantastic tense, indicating a past party with success that
continue into the existing.
When John the Baptist introduced Jesus, he stated:
“Behold! The Lamb of God who can take absent the sin of the world!” (John one:29).
See that John combines the two principal missions of Jesus 1st and 2nd coming.
He came the 1st time as the Lamb of God.
He will arrive the second time as the Lion of the tribe of Judah.
2b. The just one who was Deserving took the scroll from God the Father.
three. The just one who is worthy is WORSHIPED with a New Song.
Vs. 8-10
3a. The NEW Song is sung by all these all over the throne.
Any one discover who are participating in the harps?
Psalm 33:2-three Psalm 98:5 Psalm 147:seven
3b. The NEW Song confirms the Lamb as worthy.
What is the “new tune”?
The Greek word applied right here for “new” does not signify new from the standpoint of
time, but new in high quality,clean, distinctive.
Psalm 33:three Psalm ninety six:one Psalm 98:one Psalm a hundred and forty four:9, Psalm 149:one
What the new tune proclaims
The New Song proclaims 4 items
one. He is worthy due to the fact He was slain.
Isaiah fifty three one Peter three:eighteen-19
2. He is worthy due to the fact His blood was the cost of our redemption.
one Corinthians 6:19-twenty one Peter one:eighteen-19
three. He is worthy due to the fact the 20-four elders characterize each tribe and tongue
and people and country.
Matthew 28:19 Revelation fourteen:6
4. He is worthy due to the fact of our romance to God as kings and monks
Revelation one:6
There is a textual issue that needs to be regarded as.
In our NKJV we have just go through obviously that the elders are singing of their
In the New American Regular or New Worldwide Version they are singing of
an individual else.
4. The Whole ______________ of heaven now worship the Lamb and the Father.
Vs. eleven-fourteen
4a. All of heaven worship the Lamb.

Rom 8:19-23
4b. All of heaven worship with legitimate adoration.
The material of this adoration consists of seven characteristics.
-electrical power, riches, wisdom, toughness, honor, glory, and blessing-
4c. All of heaven worship the Father.
They declare blessing and honor and glory and electrical power to God the Father, who
sits on the throne. one Cor 10:31-32

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