PBS Show April 5-11, 2015, #2325 – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2325
April 5-11, 2015

Collegiate Climbers
People have been climbing rocks since rocks were invented, but college climbing teams are a new thing. Meets some of the students on the national champion University of Texas club climbing team, and see what it takes to excel at this demanding sport.

Chihuahuan Desert Bike Fest
This West Texas mountain bike festival draws folks from around the world to the trails around Lajitas and Big Bend Ranch State Park. The annual event is a great time for anyone who would like to go fixin’ or freewheelin’ around the old frontier.

Shorebird Survival
Texas shorebirds are in trouble. From the endangered piping plover to the threatened snowy plover, shorebirds in Texas continue to lose habitat as beach development booms. Follow along with some biologists as they work to save these struggling shorebirds.

Postcard From Texas
Get a bird’s eye view of Mason Mountain.

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