Racing pigeons take to the air in South Africa

Trompsburg, South Africa – 31 January, 2009
1. Wide of truck carrying pigeons in open field
2. Mid of man preparing to open cages for pigeons to come out
3. Close of hands cutting seal on truck carrying pigeons
4. Zoom out and pan of pigeons being released and flying into distance
Sun City, South Africa – 31 January, 2009
5. SOUNDBITE (English) Zandy Meyer, Race Director:
“This is the 13th year of this event, it’s grown from strength to strength, we have more than twelve hundred individual fanciers that have a participated in the race and of them we have now sent this day three thousand and eighty two pigeons, which are competing for the title ‘Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race Champion’.”
Trompsburg, South Africa – 31 January, 2009
6. Wide tracking shot of pigeons flying at speed across land
7. Wide tracking shot of pigeons in the sky, zoom out
Sun City, South Africa – 31 January, 2009
8. SOUNDBITE (English) Werner Waldow, German competitor:
“I’ve been successful during the last years, so, but to fly against 3,000 birds it’s difficult to win.”
Sun City, South Africa – 31 January, 2009
9. Cutaway of photographers
10. Wide tracking shot of pigeon landing
11. SOUNDBITE (English) Paul Smith, International race coordinator from the United Kingdom:
“The United Kingdom in today’s race came first and second in the open, which is against twenty nine different countries with 3,082 pigeons competing from some of the best pigeons fanciers in the world, so to walk away with first and second, well, I don’t think I’ve come down yet, to be quite honest and I don’t think it’s really even sunk in yet.”
Sun City, South Africa – 31 January, 2009
12. Mid of first pigeon entering pigeon loft
13. Reverse shot of man watching monitor
14. Mid of pigeons on top of loft
15. Pigeon handler ushering pigeons into cages
Sun City, South Africa – 1 February, 2009
16. Wide interior of auction hall
17. Various of winning pigeon in cage about to be auctioned
18. Mid of auctioneer speaking in microphone
19. Wide of buyer
20. Mid of photographers taking shots of winning pigeon
21. Close of pigeon in cage
Pigeon fanciers from across the globe gathered in South Africa’s Sun City to compete in the 13th Million Dollar Pigeon Race, billed by the organisers as the “greatest pigeon race in the world”.
At six o’clock on Saturday morning 3,082 pigeons from 28 countries took to the clear skies of Trompsburg.
Their aim: to reach Sun City, 550 kilometres (341.7 miles) away, as quickly as possible, to claim the champion pigeon title.
The Million Dollar Pigeon Race is the biggest race out of a series of events.
The race allows pigeon fanciers from around the world to compete for big money prizes.
According to the race director, Zandy Meyer, the competition is more popular now than ever, with over 1,200 individual pigeon fanciers taking part.
Just over nine hours after setting off, the leading pigeons began arriving at the lofts set up in Sun City.
The top prize of 200,000 US dollars was claimed by East of Eden, from the UK, with a time of nine hours and 17 minutes.
Second place went to another British pigeon, Pompey Lauren, in a time of nine hours and 18 minutes.
Paul Smith, an international race coordinator from the UK, said he couldn’t believe two British birds had flown into the top two places.
This event, however, isn’t just about the race. The following day some the birds were auctioned off to pigeon lovers from across the world who came to watch the competition.
The winning pigeon this year was sold for 6,000 US dollars, 2,000 US dollars short of last year’s record of 8,000 US dollars.
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