Remaining Fantasy 7 (PSX) – Boss#03 – Aps

Well, following defeating Air Buster, ‘No.5 Reactor’ explodes and Cloud falls in the ‘church in the slums’… Following re-wake up, you will uncover the attractive “Gilr of bouquets”… Aeris (who then enter the team).

You have to escape (or facial area) some soldiers of Shinra, until ‘Sector 5 Slum’. Following reaching there, continue to Product, Weapon and Materia Shop… Obtain what you require to!

Go to Aeris’s House, communicate to Elmyra (mother of Aeris) and up to rest. In the room, take |Potion| and |Phoenix Down|. Go to ‘Sector 6′ and ‘Sector 6 park’. You will see Tifa.

Stick to to ‘Wall Sector. ” Well, this area is very wide and its key objective in this article is to “dress” of women, to be part of in the Don Horn’s Mansion and will save Tifa.

((Tip1)): The Best Critical Merchandise are: Blonde Wig / Diamond Tiara / Silk Dress / Attractive Cologne and Bikini Briefs.

Go to Don Horn’s Mansion, and uncover Tifa. ((Tip2 )): Get in this article a |Ether|.

Following a very good dialogue with Corneo, you fall into a lure and conclusion up in ‘Sewer’… Talk with Tifa and Aeris and seem the next challenge… Aps!


HP = 1.800 / MP = AP = 22 / EXP = 240
Weak = Hearth / Immune = Gravity
Degree = 18 / Fall = Phoenix Down

== Boss Assaults ==

-) Lick – Normal Assault (Problems A person Member)
-) Sewer Tsunami (Front) – Dim Wave Assault (All users)
-) Sewer Tsunami (Again) – Dim Wave Assault (All users)
-) Tail Assault (A person Member)

Method: Use your Boundaries, if you have. Aeris Restrict Degree 1 (Seal Evil) is powerful in this article, cuz cease the Boss about two/three turns. Cloud Restrict Degree two (Climhazzard) is very good as perfectly. Use Magic Hearth and the Product Granade (explosion of fireplace), thanks to the weak spot of this manager. Other magics (Bolt, Ice) can be employed much too, since they are superior that usual attacks.

(( Remember to Check out in Superior Definition )))

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