Rock-Ola 433 GP Imperial 160

First video of the Rock-Ola after removing the mech, going thru the entire unit, lubrication, and then being fully reassembled. It’s about 80% right now, but fully functional. Intermix works properly; I’ll post a video soon for it.

Items attended to:
o No stylus; sourced one from NeedleDaddy on eBay
o Upper fluorescent light not working; replaced starter
o Pulled mech – original lubricants and greases had either hardened or turned to gum; removed all, cleaned, then lubricated with the proper lubricants per the Rock-Ola service manual
o Interior of unit had a brown sticky film on everything [think: fly paper] which surely was from the jukebox residing in bars for decades; removed what components I could and thoroughly cleaned everything
o Wobble plate’s read-out wasn’t catching all of the switches the write-in [read-in] armature was activating; while the mech was out of the cabinet, I removed the read-out armature and cleaned its contacts plus its switches; did the same for the write-in armature; all is fine now

Items still needing attention:
o Speaker distribution box is bypassed and all wires to and from it were cut; the main R W B wires go from the amp directly to the two full-range 12″ door speakers; the upper speakers aren’t connected currently
o Mat is missing from turntable; fashioned my own with .094″ thick rubber pads with adhesive backing from Dollar Tree temporarily; can’t find the real mat anywhere – so far only a used turntable with the original mat in so-so condition. I’ll keep searching
o Large “R” Rock-Ola crest on the middle of the door isn’t lit; per the service manual’s schematics, its power came from the door speaker’s wiring harness from the speaker distribution unit – which is bypassed. I’ll likely just tap into the light near the coin slot that reads “MAKE ANY SELECTION” since it utilizes the identical bulb, and discreetly run wires to the crest on the door
o OEM Shure M44MR cartridge will be swapped out with a Stanton 500V3 from, and new wiring from the cartridge to the amp will be installed also as mine goes out when you move that thin cable near the amp
o Will source a new replica turntable center trim piece from
o Will replace the fine but aging 12″ and 5″x7″ speakers with higher-end equipment
o The three tabs that center the record’s hole aren’t quite wide enough to prevent wow; even though the rubber pads I put on the naked turntable are extremely thin [about the thickness of 5 or 6 sheets of paper], it’s just enough height to make the record’s hole eccentric to the spindle which induces some wow when playing; the only time any of the 45s seem to fit the 3-tabbed chrome ring completely is when I remove that item from the turntable and seat the 45 all the way to the bottom of the chrome ring – an area not accessible to the 45 when it’s properly installed on the turntable, even without my rubber pads. After a few various attempts, I’ve currently settled on carefully wrapping each chrome tab with 11 revolutions of teflon tape [plumber's tape], which is slick enough to not interfere with the records when being placed and removed, and still allows for the intermix to work properly. I’m going to attempt another fix soon that I’ve thought of to see how it works. It’s more important to me to have a safe landing surface for the records which also dampens motor noise and vibration from the speakers through the chassis, than it is to contend with a minutely eccentric hole which I can remedy via my own methods. Once complete, no one will even notice unless I disassemble the turntable and point it out to them.

Post time: Dec-07-2016