Seal | November 21st | 2016 (RAW FOOTAGE)

After the storm rolled through and wind calmed down swell continued to push through with small windows of opportunity. Filmed for 45 minutes until they kicked everyone off the beach for burn reconstruction. RAW

Identified Riders – Chad Barba, Tony Morelli, Teddy Navarro, Mike Black

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What bodyboard do you ride ? Mike Stewart Science very old model
What are your GoPro settings ? Use 1080 Superwide at 80 fps in 90% of my POVs unless noted otherwise.
What do you like better surfing or bodyboarding ? It depends on the wave, bodyboard when its bigger providing ramps, surf when its cleaner providing shoulders and longer rides. Other than that i both are equally enjoyable.
Why don’t you do Vlogs ? Because no one wants to see me working eating or sleeping i suppose.
What is your other job ? I work overnight as a security guard and get off work around 7am and generally head straight to the beach. Or McDonalds.

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Seal | November 21st | 2016 (RAW FOOTAGE)

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