Seal of Ellegua (The 7 African gods)

Ellegua is one of The 7 African gods, that is worshipped in Santeria as well as in the Yoruba faith of Nigeria, West Africa. Some of the slaves that have been taken to the West Indies and and different Islands, swallowed the cowry shells of their gods and begun the exercise of the worship of their gods soon after they have been enslaved on all those Islands.

Currently, this faith has become broad unfold all through the Islands this kind of as in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Brazil, and quite a few other countries. It has become a preferred faith between Hispanics and is usually known to them as Santeria, the worshipping of the saints.

Ellegua, whose legitimate title is unveiled in the e-book “The 7 African gods unveiled”, by Ken Nunoo, available on Amazon Kindle, and Nook, is an angel from the 5th heaven, related with the earth Mars. It corresponds to the 5th sphere on the Kabbalah tree of existence known as Geburah.

The title Ellegua will be spelled in Hebrew as ALEPH, LAMED, GIMEL, VAU, ALEPH. Their numerical values are Aleph = , Lamed = eleven, Gimel = 2, Vau = five. Aleph corresponds to the Idiot on the tarot card. Lamed corresponds to JUSTICE, Gimel corresponds to the Large PRIESTESS, and Vau corresponds to the HIEROPHANT. In the title Ellegua, the very first two letters are the similar as that of EL, indicating God in Hebrew. In these two letters are the god of Justice, that operates with a fair hand, building sure that what you sow is what you reap.

Gimel in this title is the Large Priestess that reflects the double nature of all points and in no way to choose a e-book by its deal with. The outer appearances of points can be deceiving and sometines reflect an reverse internal written content. In Gimel, is the temperament of the double agent that works on each sides. The properties of Gimel is supplied in depth in the e-book “Kabbalah lesson a few”.

Vau, is the HIEROPHANT, the prophet, religious leader, and religious expert that features advices to all those that look for his knowledge. The HIEROPHANT has two attendants with keys that open two distinct locks. Just one Important opens the kingdom of hell the other heaven. It is our possess decision of steps that lead to one or the other.

This seal was drawn making use of each the title Ellegua and the genuine title of this angel. You may well order the seal of Ellegua drawn on a white handkerchief at BARACATA dot Com.

Other angels that also came from the 5th heaven are IMMANUEL (JESUS), and MICHAEL

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