Shades Apart – Rut Lyrics

[Lyrics Shades Apart - Rut]
I cannot complain
about this rut I am in
day following day
these same partitions I kick in
rip out my hair
what is so unfair

bent out of form
undervalue what I can choose
it can be less difficult to just split down
when you’re not about anymore

woe is me,
I just cannot get
the cable’s out once again
cannot stand the neighbor’s hollering’

it arrives crashing down and I neglect
that some hearts never ever mend
and it never ever ends
even even though I am not pretending when I cry

I really don’t treatment
about this rut I am in
no clearly show to steal
by creating a big deal if I drop down and what for

drop so challenging to seal my destiny
feel’s so very good to bellyache
it can be gonna be one particular of these times
split it down

Post time: Nov-22-2016