So You Think Your Luggage is Safe?

The Tell-Tag Innovation
Most common coil-type suitcase zips can be easily “breached” by the insertion of a small screwdriver or similar tool into the closed zip chain. This forces the zip apart, and allows access to the interior of a suitcase. However, a zip breached in this manner, can be easily re-sealed, making detection almost impossible. Even though two zip sliders have been locked together with a padlock, or some other standard “security” device, it is possible for the coupled sliders to be driven back over the breached section of a zip to regenerate the zip chain. Depending on the experience of the offender, a typical zip breach and subsequent reseal can be accomplished in just a few seconds. In such a situation, there is never any suspicion of intrusion, simply because the technique leaves behind no evidence.
The integrated Zip Stop in the single-use Tell-Tag system however, immobilizes the zip sliders, thus preventing them from being driven back over a potential breach in the zip chain. It does this by stopping the zip teeth (elements) from meshing together, effectively acting like a locking brake. It is attached very easily, by folding and sticking the head of the Zip Stop over one half of the zip chain of a bag, prior to closing the sliders together. The body of the Zip Stop is then threaded through the overlapping locking rings of the zip sliders, which binds them together. The process is completed by securing a state-of-the-art tamper-evident seal around the tail of the Zip Stop.
Tell-Tag offers a complete zip breach detection system – without any additional enhancements. If desired however, a padlock can also be attached to the zip sliders for extra stability and peace-of-mind.

Post time: Dec-22-2016