Steel strapping seal making machine

Homemade. Pneumatic, Output: 2000 seals/hr. This machine is not made for high production output purposes, but more to provide our own factory with the necessary strappingseals.
The design/construction of this machine is very silence, compact, easy to operate, clean working, maintenance free, no lubrication and running without attention of an operator.

Free running decoiler with automatic feeder.
Powersupply: 24Vdc- approx. 1500 mA.
Electric sys. : Hard wired
Seal Types: Push type, Open type and everything in between.
Seal Sizes: 19-25-32mm
Seal material thickness: 0.6 ~ 0.8mm
Air pressure supply: 8~10 Bar

Width= 1.70m Height= 1.45m Depth= 1.10 m
Weight: approx. 300kg

For further details of this machine Pricing, Orders, etc. Please contact:
Mr. Loay Antar Tel: 00249-918011701
YARMOUK machine shop, Khartoum, SUDAN

Post time: Dec-10-2016