Take Off Skateboard & Longboard Bearing Shields/Seals

The easiest way to remove metal shields and rubber seals on bearings.
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Take Off Skateboard & Longboard Bearing Shields/Seals
This video shows you how to take off skateboard & longboard bearing shields and seals, and how to put them on. This is the same for scooters and rollerblade/inline skates.

Before cleaning longboard or street skating bearings remove the seals or shields for best results.
Here are a couple of easy ways to remove and replace skateboard bearing seals and shields.

Each bearing accommodates 2 covers/closures that are either removable rubber seals, removable metal shields (held in by a C-ring), and non-removable pressed in metal shields.

Tools For Removing Rubber Bearing Seals:
– Paper clip

Tools For Removing Metal Bearing shields
– Push pin, needle, or razor blade

How to remove and replace a skateboard bearing seal:
1. Poke the end of a paper clip about 1-2mm inside the bearing between the inner ring and edge of the seal.

2. Push the paper clip down to pry the seal off.

3. To put the bearing seal back on lay the seal on the bearing and press it gently into place.

How to remove a metal shield:
1. A c-ring is a narrow skinny washer with an opening. It is in the shape of a ‘C’. The opening was cut at an angle. Each end is cut at opposing angles. Place the tip of your push pin, needle, or razor blade corner against the open end pointing out and try to pry it out.

2. When the c-ring is out, tap the bearing on a hard surface to get the shield out.

3. To put the bearing shield on lay the shield back on and slide the c-ring back into place. It can be a bit tricky. Try getting both ends first or one end at a time.

For more information go to http://ratvision.com/index.php/info/bearings

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