Targeting Bin Laden: Shoot to Destroy Procedure Neptune Spear / Code Title Geronimo Seal Staff Six Movie

SEAL Staff Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden

Targeting Bin Laden DVD —- —-

Navy Seal Staff Six Do a Compound Raid In Pakistan Where al Qaeda Terrorist Leader Osama Bin Laden Is Hiding. The Seals Crash Their Innovative Black Hawk Chopper Which Forces Them To Go In Rapidly And Capture Or Destroy The Terrorist Ring Leader Prior to Pakistan Armed service Arrives so they Go In Quickly and Terminate Bin Laden then Lookup The Compound For Intel That May Direct To Long term Terror Attacks. The downed Black Hawk helicopter from the Bin Laden raid had to be wrecked with strategically put explosives right before the SEALs could go away the Abbottabad compound so it would not drop into the wrong hands and go away advanced know-how with enemies.

United States Executed An Procedure That Killed Osama Bin Laden, The Leader of al qaeda, A Terrorist Responsible for the Murder of Countless numbers. A Tiny Staff of Americans Carried out The Procedure With Remarkable Courage and Ability. The Loss of life of Bin Laden Marks Most Major Achievement to Day In Our Nations Exertion To Defeat al qaeda

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Targeting Bin Laden: Code Title Geronimo/Procedure Neptune Spear Navy Seal Staff 6 Zero Darkish 30

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