The Agonist Vocalist Alissa White-Gluz Speaks Up For Seal

Alissa’s most recent campaign from the Canadian Seal Slaughter.
Just one of the strongest drives for a musician is for their voice to be listened to. Lyrics offer an simple system to say whatever wants to be claimed, no matter whether that’s about a lengthy missing love, current heartache, or the present-day state of the planet. The Agonist is a fiery steel band from Montréal recognized for lovely vocals juxtaposed with deep steel growls. Lead siren and vocal vixen Alissa White-Gluz isn’t really concerned to use her voice, and now she’s talking out for seals all across Canada. Alissa is so adamantly opposed to the yearly Canadian seal slaughter that she lent herself—and her voice—to us for a new advert, insistently stating, “Bang your individual head, not a seal’s.”

Examine out our model-new advert starring Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist, and acquire a stand from the cruel seal slaughter by creating to the Canadian federal government now!
It can be time to put Canada’s shame—the yearly seal slaughter, all through which hundreds of 1000′s of harp seals are beaten to death—in the highlight. Just about every year at this time, sealers acquire to the ice to bludgeon migrating seals and their babies, all for the sake of offering fur pelts on the worldwide market place. If there were no need for fur, there would be no seal slaughter. We don’t recognize why individuals would want to dress in a useless animal (and contribute to the devastating environmental effects of fur manufacturing), and neither does Alissa. Enjoy our exceptional video with Alissa—a lifelong vegetarian—to understand why she is so passionate and keen to adhere up for seals and why she will constantly acquire a stand for animal legal rights. Then acquire a stand by yourself by creating to the Canadian federal government!
By: Chelsi Schriver

Post time: Nov-16-2016