The Useful, Adaptable Vacuum Sealer

When it arrives to growing storage lifestyle of dry goods, you are not able to beat a vacuum sealer IMHO. With 500 cc oxygen absorbers costing $14 per 50 (Nitro Pak), investing in a vacuum sealer to aid you extend shelf lifestyle will make perception, particularly if you want to use canning jars in the system. The design we have charge under $one hundred when we acquired it on sale 2-3 yrs back, and now retails for approx. $a hundred and forty.
However I failed to present it in the video, you can also re-seal plastic baggage with your vacuum sealer.

As mentioned in the video, remember to check out this video collection on making a home meals storage technique (very sensible strategy!), applying a vacuum sealer, as properly as a solar oven. This is a website link to the very first video, and you will see the other (eight) outlined on the facet.

Mrs. Dewitt also has a downloadable cookbook with recipes specifically pertaining to applying a home meals storage and a solar oven:
(new website link as of nine-12-12 – - are not able to get it to be “clickable”, so you may have to minimize and paste into your browser)

Another website link similar to this topic you may possibly locate useful is Walton Feeds storage lifestyle of dry goods:

Post time: Dec-21-2016